Sarawak receive additional 1.5 million litres of diesel – KPDN

KUCHING, Dec 29: Sarawak received about 1.5 million litres of additional diesel supply today following several petrol stations in the state running out of supply recently.

In a statement today, the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN) said that the fuel was delivered by Petronas Dagangan Berhad.

“KPDN will continue monitoring and inspecting the status of the supply,” it added.

On Wednesday, KPDN Minister Datuk Armizan Mohd Ali said Petronas Dagangan Berhad would deliver additional diesel to Sarawak within two days following Petronas-owned stations in the state running out of supplies.

The shortage of subsidised diesel supply in Sarawak was highlighted by the state’s DAP chairman, Chong Chieng Jen on Monday, who stated that the situation had been going on for the past two weeks.

He said the shortage was due to irresponsible parties using subsidised diesel for industrial purposes, which led to the quota for public use running out.