Sarawak gets 1,108 new teachers

PUTRAJAYA, Dec 23 (Bernama) — The Sarawak Education Department (JPNS) has received 1,108 new teachers consisting of graduates from public and private universities for posting in the state.

 The department, in a statement today, said of the total, 422 teachers were given placement in primary schools and the remaining 686 teachers in secondary schools, effective this Thursday (Dec 28).

JPNS expressed its gratitude and appreciation to the Education Ministry for its concern and for sending the teachers concerned for placement in the state.

“JPNS also expresses its appreciation to the Sarawak Education, Innovation and Talent Development Ministry (MEITD) and the Sarawak Branch Education Services Commission (SPP) for their support in helping to overcome the shortage of teachers in Sarawak,” read the statement.

 JPNS said that it will work closely with the ministries, SPP and stakeholders to address the issue of teacher shortage in Sarawak.