Sarawak civil servants welcome much awaited salary increase

KUCHING, May 1 (Bernama) — The salary increase of more than 13 per cent for civil servants starting this December is eagerly awaited by civil servants in Sarawak, who describe it as a relief to them.

Civil servants in the state are also grateful for the salary increase announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim when launching the national-level Labour Day celebration in Putrajaya today.

Administrative assistant James Han, 37, said the announcement was something eagerly awaited by all civil servants in Malaysia. 

“This much-awaited increase is welcomed by everyone, as the current basic salary and allowances no longer keep up with the rising cost of living.

“The current salary is still stuck at old rates but the people have been experiencing various increases in the prices of goods in recent years. Hopefully, we can receive more so that we can plan for savings and emergencies,” he told Bernama here.

Dental surgery assistant Verona Edwin, 41, said since joining the civil service 10 years ago, for the first time, she will experience a rather substantial salary increase.

“Assistant salary is not very high, but I am still grateful for the increase, and with a rate of increase of more than 13 per cent starting this December, it can somewhat offset the increasing cost of living,” she said.

Policeman Henry Medang, 42, also expressed gratitude for the increase, which can ease his financial burden.

“At this time, our current salary is just enough to meet the daily needs and monthly expenses of the whole family. With an increase, this money can be used as emergency savings.

“Furthermore, the minimum wage exceeding RM2,000 is also the best step, especially for newcomers to the civil service compared to the salaries we received before,” he said.

Earlier, Anwar announced that civil servants will enjoy a salary hike of more than 13 per cent starting December this year, among the highest increase in the nation’s history.

He said civil servants will take home a minimum overall monthly income of RM2,000 under the revamped Public Service Remuneration System (SSPA) compared to the current minimum overall income of RM1,795.