Road to Tamil school in Kelan needs urgent attention from state government – MVP

It is a rough and bumpy ride for 250 students studying at the 49-year old Ladang Kelan Tamil school in Kulai. It gets worse when it rains, says Surendran Balaraman.

KULAI (Johor), April 22 – Urgent attention is needed from the state government to repair a muddy and bumpy road that leads to a 49-year old Tamil school in Kelan, here, says the Malaysia Velan Padai (MVP), a non-governmental group representing Indian youth clubs from eight states in the country.

Speaking to Weekly Echo on behalf of the group, Surendran Balaraman said the school, Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Ladang Kelan (SRJKT Ladang Kelan), located 5km away from here, was established in 1946.

“While the school is located in a small area, it enjoys a good reputation among the people due not only to the academic achievements of its students but also the co-curricular activities.

“The school was opened in 1973 with 24 students and three teachers, but it has expanded since and there are 250 children studying in this school.

“However, the Ladang Kelan Road leading to the school is really in a bad shape and parents are having a hard time sending their children to the school.”

When it rains, it gets worse for the students, he said.

Surendran Balaraman takes a look at the signboard showing the way to the SRJKT Ladang Kelan, Kulai.

Surendran, who is also a member of the Kulai Democratic Action Party (DAP), said MVP was urgently seeking the help of the state government to resolve this basic need for the school’s students and their future.

“It is our hope that the state government will consider developing a proper road to the school as soon as possible as the school has very good facilities to offer and an established education and teaching system.”

Among other facilities, the school has a library, a learning lounge, canteen and well organised classrooms, Surendran said, adding that a decent road will help bring in more students to the school.

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