Riding into misty Titi in Negeri Sembilan and beyond

Nic, the hapi8wanderer, and friend Jimmy Chung

by Nic, the hapi8wanderer

A friend, Jimmy Chung, got a new motorbike and had been waiting for me to go for a ride together.

And two months later, we finally did it! First, I had to ride from my home base in Klang to Seremban, where he stays.

From there, it was just about an hour of slow ride to Titi in Negeri Sembilan.

We were lucky to meet with heavy mists at Kuala Kelawang on our uphill ride.

Opening up my sun visor, I could feel cool droplets of water on my face. Wow! That’s the joy of riding! One gets to experience nature in its truest form and ignite our senses to enjoy it.

Starting the ride at 0800 hrs, we reached our destination at 0910 hrs after an initial ‘sabotage’ by someone, who marked a phantom kopitiam in the middle of a kampong. It meant we took our breakfast of Hakka noodles at RM7.50 each with the customary morning beverage of kopi-o.

Along the way, I saw and smelt a salai stall setting up shop. So, I made it a point to stop by on our way back to get some goodies home.

Salai Kayangan is a popular place, judging by the crowd, which started to swell around 1100 hrs. We had to wait some 35 minutes for the salai.

It was really a rewarding wait for my ikan keli salai masak lemak cili api (a popular gravy dish in N9 or Negeri Sembilan).

After we went our separate ways at the Temiang Highway, I proceeded to my second destination at Janda Baik, the “Wind of Nature” in Pahang.

It meant another two-hour ride but it was sheer enjoyment as I rode past scores of four-wheeled vehicles stuck in the massive traffic crawl leading to the Gombak toll!