Residents plea for help to fix Pulau Redang’s poor garbage disposal

KUALA NERUS, Oct 8: The garbage problem in Kampung Baru, Pulau Redang, is becoming a nightmare for residents who have to cope with the filthy smell due to an inefficient collection system by the local authority for the past year.

The residents claimed that they had faced the problem several times before, but the matter was resolved within a few months after they lodged complaints to the relevant quarters.

 A resident, Johasman Husin, 44, said the stench from the uncollected garbage which had been piling up every day was unbearable,  but also a danger to health.

He said it happened because the garbage collectors did not collect all the garbage, resulting in the garbage piling up over time.

“The garbage brought to the collection centre in Kampung Baru not only comes from the residents here but also from all the resorts and chalets on Pulau Redang.

“About 3,000 metric tons of garbage is brought here every day, but only half of the amount is taken for disposal. Of course, over time the garbage will pile up and rot,” he said when met in Kampung Baru, Pulau Redang yesterday.

Another resident, Mohamad Jaafar, 68, said the problem, if not resolved, would affect the image of Pulau Redang as a famous tourist destination in the country.

He said although Kampung Baru is away from the chalet and resort area, the village also attracts foreign tourists, especially those who prefer to stay in a fishing village and experience the life and culture of the local community.

 “Kampung Baru is part of Pulau Redang. I am sure the government does not want this kind of problem to affect the reputation of Pulau Redang as a prestigious tourist location in the state.

“Many restaurant operators here are affected because of the stench and this drives away customers,” he added.

As such, the villagers are appealing for the state government to take immediate action to address the problem,  which is also feared to affect their health and well-being.