Remembering Aunty Flo – Philomon D Soosainadin

“Generous, witty, welcoming, concerned, a matriarch, and above all, loving us all,” Mikhail Raj remembers his aunt’s choice to choose husband and family over a career.  

By Mikhail Raj

Who is Aunty Flo? She was many things to us. 

An ardent wrestling fan since the 70’s, a constant winner at scrabble and in the later years, a keen sudoku enthusiast – my Aunty Flo was our favourite aunty to all those who knew her. 

That’s because of the love she showered upon all of us from when we were tiny toddlers until we became adults. 

Every holiday our favourite destination would be her home. That was our top target destination for she always treated us with so much warmth and love.  

She also had so many admirable qualities. Foremost of which was her exuberance. It exuded to all of us.

We used to mention that, had Aunty Flo pursued a professional career, she would undoubtedly be CEO material. No doubt about that!

But the role she chose and excelled in was as a devoted wife to another wonderful person – my uncle William Sebastian. 

More telling was her being a very devoted mum to four wonderful daughters – Eugenie, Sandra, Jacqueline and Shireen. 

They are living proof that she did it right in bringing them up in the best way possible. 

She might not have been blessed with a son, but eventually got  four sizzling hot and great sons-in-law from three corners of the world – Malaysia, England and Zimbabwe. 

And further blessed she was with eight grandchildren. 

And almost a year ago, Aunty Flo was blessed with a great grandson – Kiyan. 

Truly, she touched us all in so many ways. 

It was always fun to be with her for Aunty Flo would perpetually inject a dose of humour in everything she said – even when talking about serious stuff. 

Generous, witty, welcoming, concerned, a matriarch, and above all, loving us all.  

I can carry on writing about her admirable attributes but I wouldn’t know when or where to stop.

Yes, she has left us. We will miss you terribly but I prefer to think that “you have gone to join Uncle William.” 

While she was here,  her light shone brightly for us all. 

I’m sure she will make heaven shine a bit brighter from now on. I will miss you. Love you always, Aunty Flo 💖