Quite the delight – spicy food and smooth beer

Guests taking in the gastronomic delight offered by Carlsberg Malaysia at JioSpace in Petaling Jaya, which will be on till this Sept 2.

By Dinesh Thillainathan

PETALING JAYA: Last week, I had the opportunity of checking out Carlsberg beer, with a lit bit of difference, served with an array of tantalising local spicy dishes at the JioSpace entertainment and food centre here.

Organised by Carlsberg Malaysia, the beer and food experience, called Carlsberg Smooth Draught’s Real Spicy, Real Smooth, was meant to provide guests a joint experience of having a glass of smooth beer with local spicy dishes like Devil’s Curry Pocket Buns, Nasi Lemak Bomb, Mala Sui Yoke and “Stinky” Popiah.

Other than the discomfort of driving around quite a while for a parking space, as JioSpace was fully booked on the day, the escapade of food, entertainment mixed with the Carlsberg Smooth Draught – said to brewed using an innovative cold hopping technique – was quite a delight.

I chose to try out the Nasi Lemak Bomb, as well as the Churn’s Beer-Gato, an artisanal affogato drowned in a duvet of smooth beer, with my glass of beer and needless to say it was quite a combo – hot and smooth!

I also had enough space to take in a bit of Stinky Popiah as well as a dish made from tofu (bean curd). Both were spicy and filling, and with the smooth beer, it was just perfect.

In a press statement I received at the event, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, Stefano Clini, said this year’s event was meant to be an even larger and smoother celebration of beer and local spicy flavours with an enhanced and curated experience that celebrates the perfect blend between spice and

The Carlsberg Smooth Draught’s Real Spicy, Real Smooth event at JioSpace will be on till Sept 2. Apart from a line of activities for guests, live entertainment will be another reason to check out the event.

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Carlsberg advocates responsible beer consumption and to remember always: If you drink, don’t drive. For non-Muslims aged 21 and above only.