Public universities told not to refuse students who cannot pay fees

PUTRAJAYA, Oct 17: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has instructed public universities in the country not to refuse the admission of students who cannot pay fees because they are poor.

He said this was to ensure that students from poor families also get to pursue higher education.

“I want no (public) universities to refuse the admission of poor students. They must be allowed to register and the matter (fee payment) be resolved by the (relevant) ministry or department.

 “This is the first time in history, that no children of ours anywhere, from any race, who are poor and cannot afford,  can be refused admission to university. They must be allowed to register,” said Anwar, who is also Finance Minister at the Finance Ministry’s monthly assembly here today.

According to the prime minister, he had been informed that there were students from Ampang and Tambun who were refused admission to the university because they could not afford to pay the registration fee.

He also said that existing students who are unable to pay their study fees will not be refused from registering.

They can make the payment after the registration of the subjects, he added.

When tabling Budget 2024 last Friday, Anwar announced that starting January next year,  registration fees for public universities should not exceed RM1,500 which is in line with the value of the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) Advance Loan (WPP), which amounts to RM1,500.