Updated: PSM Chairman, 3 others arrested for obstructing eviction of farmers in Kanthan, Tambun

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 24: Police have arrested four individuals including the chairman of Parti Sosialis Malaysia Dr. Michael Jeyakumar for trying to obstruct the eviction of farmers in Kanthan, Tambun in Perak today.

Several photographs of the detainment of the four have been posted in the social media.

According to a source, the four were said to be detained after farmers, who have been planting fruits and vegetables in the area for many years, refused to move out from the area.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the source said the farmers felt it was unfair to bulldoze away agriculture plantings especially in the prevailing climate where food security was important.

He also claimed the planted area was being cleared for the construction of a factory.

Meanwhile, PSM Deputy Arulchelvan confirmed that the four who were arrested had been taken to the Perak police headquarters.

He said the farmers had on Monday lodged a police report on the planned destruction of the farm.

According him, officers from the Prime Minister’s Office had tried to intervene in the matter but the land authorities in Perak said that they were taking orders from the state government’s Menteri Besar Incorporated.

He claimed that the federal government had agreed to the importance of the farmland, which MB Inc was trying to convert into an industrial land.