Phasmophobia – a word that describes the chills down the spines of those scared of ghosts

by Trailerman Sam

There you are sitting alone, in the late evening, and your nose catches a sweet fragrance in the air or at other times something strong, sharp, pungent or even unpleasant. Could it be a decaying carcass? Today I am going to delve into the mysteries of this spine-chilling phenomenon.

Have you ever experienced the malfunctioning of an electronic device like your mobile phone or desktop computer all of a sudden? And why is the fluorescent light blinking like it’s Christmas Day?

It has been a month long since the rains came but your body is still shivering in the hot climate. Your radio stops playing and causes a pin-drop silence in the room besides hearing some unexplained sounds not associated with that room.

Now, has some spirit crossed your path? Why do ghosts suddenly make their presence known? Most of the time, a ghost might try to make themselves known in order to communicate with you.

Take it from me — they can get your attention by turning electrical devices on and off. No big deal for them since they are an energy force, too. They can shift objects from one place to another and make things appear and disappear.

If you are extra-sensitive or psychic, you might have a high chance getting an answer as to why they are around! Ghosts, spirits or other entities bring upon a  plethora of fear for some believers.

But for the non-believers, ghosts or hantu in our local lingo, can be an entertaining label. Their reaction will be giving advice like – don’t watch too much of the Conjuring movies or why load your brain with unexplainable queries?

But I tell you this: in simple terms, a ghost or spirit is the existence of anyone who does not already exist with us anymore. It is a non-living soul or spirit of any dead person, animal, bird or any living thing that had crawled, stood, walked or flew on Earth.

Almost all ancient cultural beliefs centre on the spirit or soul that becomes the remaining energy still living in a non-living body or being. Hence the soul or spirit can be separated from a body after the demise of a body. And they try to maintain their existence in the living world after their body’s death.

Different cultures identify these differently, some as dark spirits, ghosts, demons, shades, dark energy, shadows, witches, devils, negative energy or whatever.  For those who believe in them, they reckon that the spirits are made up of slight air together with other subtle and delicate materials.

In Indian culture, it is believed that the spirit or soul of any person or animal gets separated after death and travels to another world in time and space to evolve into another existence. The spirits or souls are supposed to stop any connection with the living world in order to reproduce in another body.

On the other hand, it is believed that if any spirit or soul maintains its existence in the world of living, then there could be possibilities of exacting vengeance.

A yogi monk once fascinated me with tales of ghostly spirits as he revealed that some souls are not welcomed in another world of the afterlife and hence are stuck with Planet Earth in a terrible state possibly because of their past bad deeds, and could therefore only mutate into evil ghosts!

He said only a few people with a special gift are able to see ghosts moving around. So, unless you have that gift, you won’t see them.

He highlighted that if a normal mortal is glowing with high positive energy, then if the spirits were to emerge, they are contained in a tiny energy form, just a tiny winy sparkling light.

But if you were to build up too much negative energy inside you, then you could attract a negative entity to create a ghostly illusion.

Modern science with its great technologies that work based on logic will justify a ghost’s existence with proper logic and explanation. Sometimes science will justify that the experiencing of supernatural phenomena is all in the mind. It’s a never-ending debate. Such mysteries are parked into the “unsolved questions department” that still haunt mankind for decades and even centuries.

So, do ghosts really exist? This is a zillion dollar question. I just hope I can call some ghostbusters as seen in the movie of the same name if I sense something lurking in the dark corners of my wardrobe. Anyone with their phone numbers, please?