Perhilitan captures wild bull elephant in Jeli


JELI, Jan 12: The Kelantan Department of Wildlife Protection and National Parks (Perhilitan) captured a bull elephant in Kampung Kalai, Batu Melintang, here yesterday.

Its director, Mohamad Hafid Rohani, said the elephant was caught after his department received a complaint that the giant mammal had raided villagers’ orchards.

“Seven personnel from the Jeli District Wildlife Department and the Kelantan Elephant Capture Unit (UTG) monitored and subsequently caught the wild animal.

“To some extent, this is a relief for the villagers, with the end of further losses due to the elephant conflict,” he said today.

Mohamad Hafid said the relocation operation to transfer and release the wild elephant will be carried out soon with the help of two decoy elephants and the Kuala Gandah National Elephant Conservation Centre staff in Lanchang, Pahang.

“(However) The capture and transfer of wild elephants is not a long-term solution as the orchards are near the Gunung Basor Permanent Forest Reserve (HSK) and borders the Perak Temenggor Forest Reserve.

“It is believed that the estimated population of wild elephants in Gunung Basor HSK numbers more than 50,” he said.

He said his crew had taken action to reduce conflicts in the area by advising villagers, especially farmers, to take mitigative measures.

“The public is advised to be extra cautious and alert if they come across wild animals and not to take any action that could harm themselves,” he said.