PERCAYA, a new NGO for helping the urban poor, especially women, will also distribute 3,000 boxes of kuih raya in KL & Selangor

PERCAYA — all set to do more for the urban poor!

KUALA LUMPUR, March 17: PERCAYA or Pertubuhan Cahaya Hawwa, a new NGO that was set up late last year, wants to do more to help the urban poor, especially under-privileged women and children in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

It also plans to distribute 3,000 boxes of quality kuih raya to bring cheer to these children staying at low-cost flats this festive season.

PERCAYA is an amalgamation of two volunteering groups, ‘Sebalang Kasih’ and ‘Projek Epal Merah’, that have been active since 2016.

“We set up PERCAYA because we want to do more as a registered body under the Registrar of Societies (ROS),” says co-founder Asfahana Abu Samah, adding that the two groups had been undertaking volunteering work like flood relief, food aid and emotional support for the past eight years.

The other co-founders are Raja Mariam Raja Hairuddin, who started ‘Sebalang Kasih’, a volunteer group that provides gifts packs to the under-privileged by purchasing products from micro-vendors like single mothers, and Nor Eliza Mohd Dom, who has been active in ‘Projek Epal Merah’, a group that assists patients with cancer and other health-related issues.

From L to R — PERCAYA co-founders Raja Mariam Raja Hairuddin, Asfahana Abu Samah and Nor Eliza Mohd Dom

Asfahana says PERCAYA, which now has more than 80 members, aims to support women facing life’s challenges and obstacles as its outreach went beyond just providing aid.

“We strive to be an organisation that offers support and inspiration in their life’s journey and personal growth, which can be considered as a kind of sisterhood support. We aim to be a pillar to provide support for their spiritual and emotional well-being,” she adds.

This means that PERCAYA’s approach, Asfahana explains, will cover community services like educational, motivational, social and recreational activities.

To raise funds for its projects, PERCAYA will hold two majlis berbuka puasa or iftar events known as “Cherita Kasih Kita – Raya” at the Royal Chulan Hotel here on Thursday March 21 and Friday March 22.

The two fund-raising events, where seats are sold for RM340 each, are also aimed at giving business entrepreneurs, both big and small, better exposure to market their products at a bazaar to be held at the venue on both days.

Nor Eliza says the bazaar would add colour to the iftar events as diners would also have the opportunity to make purchases for the festive season and yet contribute to charity.

PERCAYA’s hospital outreach

“For those who cannot attend the functions on both days, they can still help by making a pledge of RM150 each, which will go a long way towards the purchase of at least five quality kuih gift packs to the under-privileged,” she adds.

Nor Eliza reveals that PERCAYA would also not be taking the easy way out by purchasing kuih raya from supermarkets but from single mothers who are good at making them as this would also help them to have better incomes this raya.

“For us, we also want to ensure that the kuih we have for our raya will also be the same as those we are giving away to the under-privileged this festive season,” she adds.

Nor Eliza also says that PERCAYA would also not be distributing kuih to established old folks homes or orphanages that usually received aid from large organisations or companies.

“Instead, we are targeting the urban poor, mostly staying in low-cost flats who usually miss out on such aid,” she said.

The “Cherita Kasih Kita – Raya” iftar event on March 22 will also have a knowledge-sharing session for women’s well-being from 5.00 pm onwards.

Adding some cheer to the under-privileged

In moving forward, Asfahana says PERCAYA hopes to be a strong voice for under-privileged women and to be in a position to air out its concerns from time to time to the authorities to seek constructive solutions for their well-being.

Details on PERCAYA and its iftar events are available from Asfahana Abu Samah at 0164788270.

Past recipients of Sebalang Kasih