Perak JMG to conduct geological mapping where ancient coral fossils discovered

KAMPAR, Jan 23: The Minerals and Geoscience Department (JMG) will collaborate with relevant agencies and the community in Kampung Changkat Tualang to conduct detailed initial geological mapping in the area where ancient coral fossils were discovered.

Perak JMG director Nizarulikram Abdul Rahim said the process, including sampling work, would be carried out promptly this year.

“This mapping process involves characterising geological diversity, determining heritage values and other tasks to record the discovered fossils.

“Whether fossil samples will be taken out of this area or not depends on JMG’s field findings, but JMG believes that it’s better to preserve them for the public, researchers and other stakeholders to observe,” he said after visiting the geosite of the discovery of ancient coral fossils, which are more than 300 million years old, in Kampung Changkat Tualang.

Nizarulikram said the discovery of ancient coral fossils is significant and needs to be preserved because it is the only geosite in the Kinta Valley Geopark that has coral fossils.

“JMG supports the state government’s intention to declare this area as a new geosite, and after the mapping work and the discovery of fossil samples, we will propose that this area be added as one of the geosites in the Kinta Valley.

“We will try to preserve it here so that conservation efforts can be carried out to ensure that these fossils from the late Paleozoic era are fully utilised for future generations,” he said.

Meanwhile, he said close cooperation between the community and local authorities, including relevant government agencies, is necessary to ensure the safety and protection of the fossils in the area.

He said with the area becoming a public attraction, there is a concern that the fossils may be damaged if no safety measures are taken.

On Saturday, researchers from the Perak Geotourism Association  (GEONAT) discovered various species of ancient coral fossils estimated to be 300 million years old in the area.

Mohd Azlan Helmi, the State Communications, Multimedia and NGO Committee chairman then said that the Perak government would declare the 6.9-hectare area as another geosite in the state.