One-year MADANI govertment: MOE prioritises humane education, accessible learning – Fadhlina

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 4: Humane education, particularly on making learning accessible, is one of the main focuses of the Ministry of Education (MOE) throughout the MADANI Government’s one-year administration, Minister Fadhlina Sidek said.

“MOE serves as MADANI Malaysia’s humane education team, and our focus in humane education is ensuring access and preventing any more children from falling behind in their education.”

“It is crucial for us to consider the various facets of humane education, including the establishment of specialised schools to ensure there is no excuse for anyone to say that their children have been denied to education,” she said during an interview today on TV1’s Selamat Pagi Malaysia programme in conjunction with MADANI Government’s One Year Anniversary.

She said MOE’s efforts in ensuring access to education, include initiatives such as  the school in hospital programme, to provide opportunities for students with chronic disabilities or illness to participate in learning sessions.

Those in Integrity Schools and Henry Gurney School also have access to education even while in correctional facilities and undergoing rehabilitation, she added.

In addition to access to learning, she said among the seven main cores set by the MOE in leading the national education system are the well-being of teachers, upgrading dilapidated schools, emphasising human values (focusing on importance of good manners, ethics, and integrity), issues of multidimensional poverty, and digital education

“Developing humanistic values will be one of the aspects that we will focus on in creating and giving attention to personal excellence and potential of children.

“Similarly, with the other cores, we will continue to address the burden on teachers… focusing on their accomplishments to ensure the continuous improvement in education quality,” she said.

In addition, she said MOE’s focus for the next year is on the quality of education. As such, a series of engagements with education stakeholders will be conducted to discuss the future of  national education, including the 2027 school curriculum, followed by state-level campaigns.

On MOE’s toilet maintenance project, Fadhlina said the initiative not only addresses facility upkeep but also instills a sense of responsibility among children, promotes awareness of hygiene practices and addresses challenges related to menstrual poverty.

She said after completing the project in around 8,000 MOE schools, the implementation will gradually extend to government-aided schools next year.