On-the-spot fines for those who throw rubbish from cars, says Nga

IPOH, April 6: The Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) has instructed the local authorities (PBT) to immediately issue compounds to individuals who throw thrash out of their vehicles.

Its Minister, Nga Kor Ming, said the decision was taken after several photos went viral showing piles of rubbish scattered on the sides of roads that were left to the local authorities’ workers to clean up.

“PBT will issue a compound and make sure the individuals pay. Strict action will be taken and those who litter will be held responsible.

“We all attended school. We all have civics education, so it is the responsibility of all parties to look after cleanliness in the public areas. We don’t just hand the job to PBT workers.

“We also know the weather is scorching hot right now, please have mercy for our workers who are working hard to clean those areas,” he said after attending the Meriah Beraya at a shopping centre today.

He said the matter was deeply regretted and all parties were urged to be responsible for discarding rubbish at the proper place and bins provided to ensure the cleanliness of the surrounding area.

“Therefore, if you want to eat in the car, place the packets in the car first. When you arrive at your village or hometown, then take it out and throw it in the bin. Don’t arbitrarily throw it on the side of the road and expect someone else, our employees, to pick it up after you,” he said.

Nga, who is also the Kepayang assemblyman, said KPKT has also mobilised nearly all its machinery to ensure public cleanliness ahead of Aidilfitri.

Several photos have gone viral on social media showing rubbish including food and drink packages scattered along the road believed to be on the route from Kuala Lipis, Pahang to Gua Musang, Kelantan with cleaning workers collecting the waste.

Earlier, Nga presented Aidilfitri donation vouchers amounting to RM22,500 to 150 families in the Kepayang state constituency.