Not heavy in complicated philosophy, Hear Yourself is rather an invitation to know one’s self

Reviewed by Nesha Pany

Global Peace Ambassador, Prem Rawat has reached out to millions over 55 years of service, promoting peace, well-being, and self-knowledge. Not sparing any of his wisdom, he continues to share his message through his new book, ‘Hear Yourself: How to Find Peace in a Noisy World’.

In this book, Rawat invites the readers on a journey to inner peace through mindfulness and heartfulness. Simple yet rousing, the book conveys a potent message which is to embrace the gift of life firstly by distinguishing the outer noise of the world from the cacophony experienced inside of us.

Simplified, Rawat lays out his message based on three main foundations: Know thy self, live consciously, and have a heart filled with gratitude.

Throughout the book’s 12 short chapters, Rawat also shares his personal experiences as a teacher while quoting philosophers, scientists, writers, poets along with short stories which accentuates what he advocates for- “Knowledge of the Self”.

He highlights the common challenges we face in our daily lives, and the impact of negative thinking. He also guides us on ways to reach a deeper, unchanging sense of our self that exists amidst the surrounding chaos.

What I love about this book is that it is not heavy with complex philosophical theories but rather an invitation to know ourselves in a very practical way. It is full of wisdom that makes it insightful and uplifting. The messages are put out very clearly in a universal language where this book is suitable for everyone regardless of religion and culture.

My favourite quote from this book is: “Our time is very precious- who knows how much we will have? Every day we receive this fabulous gift of life. The greatest responsibility we have to ourselves is to ensure we live each moment as best we can. When that happens, it’s as if life blossoms for us in all its glory. Even in the difficult times we can experience the pure joy of life itself. But to make the most of our time we must take care with our attention, giving it only to what matters-what we really need to do and what fulfills us. Everything else is noise” – page 19; Chapter 1.


Nesha Pany is a practicing pharmacist. She works closely with the marginalised, mostly with people who are addicted to drugs and people living with HIV. She is very passionate in what she does. During her free time, she indulges in art, music and poetry.

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