Nga Kor Ming on enhancing urban livability

KERTEH, Feb 28: The government, through the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT), consistently prioritises enhancing urban livability which is crucial for residents’ comfort in their living environment.

Minister Nga Kor Ming said since December last year, the ministry, in collaboration with the National Landscape Department (JLN), has established 60 public parks nationwide to provide recreational spaces for the public in every city.

“The expanding urban population has heightened the demand for green spaces, serving as platforms for social interaction, therapy, recreation and leisure activities,

“Therefore, the Public Parks Development Programme has effectively preserved and expanded green spaces, often referred to as green lungs, in urban and densely populated areas,” he said when officiating at the Kuala Kerteh Public Park here today.

 In his speech, Nga also reaffirmed KPKT’s commitment to constructing 100 MADANI community parks nationwide this year.

Nga said that the government has developed four public parks in Terengganu, including Batu Buruk Recreational Park and Kuala Ibai Lagoon Park in Kuala Terengganu, Teluk Gadung City Garden (Dungun), and the most recent addition, Kuala Kerteh Public Park.

Covering nearly nine hectares, the Kuala Kerteh Public Park was completed on Oct 27 last year, at a cost of almost RM17 million.

Nga said that the fourth public park in Terengganu, designed by landscape architects from JLN, adopted the concept of visual exploration and it included amenities like an observation tower, a multi-purpose sports court and an open hall, serving the needs of Kemaman district’s 226,600 residents.

In addition, he said the government has initiated two projects to improve public parks: the Dungun Municipal Landscape Project and the Kunang-Kunang Habitat Conservation Project in Sungai Yak Yah.

The Landscape Masterplan is being prepared with a budget of over RM56 million in the 12th Malaysian Plan.

At the event, Nga also handed over RM12.32 million to Terengganu for small projects in 2024, including the construction of public parks, landscape master plan development, municipal landscaping and landscape conservation and restoration.