Mum names baby Rabah after the stranger who helped her deliver it on Paris street

PARIS, Feb 15: After giving birth unexpectedly on a pavement near Paris, the happy mother has named her son after a man who helped deliver the baby.

The 34-year-old woman was surprised by labour pains on the street and writhed in pain on a traffic island as Rabah, the stranger, passed by in his car, reported dpa quoting a Le Parisien news report on Wednesday.

The former Algerian firefighter, who is undocumented in France, stopped immediately. He assisted the woman during the birth until he was holding the newborn in his arms.

During his work with the fire brigade in Algeria, he had already experienced situations like this and he calmed the mother down accordingly, the man told the newspaper. 

Later, a young woman also helped him until the ambulance arrived. He was so emotional that he was later unable to sleep for several nights, Le Parisien reported. 

When he visited the mother in hospital, he learned that she had given her little son his name, Rabah. 

The mayor of the Paris suburb of Aulnay-sous-Bois, where the birth took place, thanked the courageous volunteer.

He is now hoping to obtain residence papers so that he can work in his actual profession again.