More Than 200 Straight-A Indian Students Rejected For Matriculation – NGO

Since the Malaysian Matriculation Programme began in 1998, the quota of 90:10 (Bumi:Non Bumi) has been retained for entry into the programme. This year, the programme is expected to take off at the end of July.

KUALA LUMPUR, July 25 – More than 200 ethnic Indian students in the country have expressed their disappointment to a non governmental organisation (NGO) here, for having failed to gain entry into the matriculation programme offered by the Malaysian Education Ministry.

Speaking to Weekly Echo, Surendran Balaraman of the NGO, Malaysian Velan Padai (MVP), said many of these students were straight-A students who had applied for the matriculation programme but had received either reject letters or letters asking them to appeal for the programme that is set to take off end of this month.

There is a need for information on the reasons for their rejection, and a clear cut guideline from the ministry on the mechanisms involved in the processing of applications, he said.

The Malaysian Matriculation Programme is a 2-year pre-university course that offers a cost-effective route into tertiary education particularly through public universities after the course.

A total of 10 percent seat allocation is given for non-Bumiputeras in the country wishing to pursue the pre-university programme after completing their fifth form. Surendran said he was not sure if the 10 percent allocation given to non-Bumiputeras had been fulfilled for the latest intake.

Surendran suggested that those who had failed to gain entry into the programme be given a chance to at least pursue their courses at other universities with scholarships given to them.

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