Monnett Boosts Work Flow of Architects, Design Professionals With New Range of Software

Memphes Chong Chee Wei, Chief Projects Officer of KTC ARKZ, says his company sees great potential with the collaboration because of many win-win business opportunities.

KUALA LUMPUR, July 31 — For those not in the building or architectural professions, Monnett Sdn Bhd may sound rather unfamiliar. But this company is not only fast gaining traction among professionals in these industries for its range of design software and hardware, it’s also attracting the attention of interior designers and decorators and even landscape artists and horticulturalists.

The company counts as one of the leading solution providers or marketers of cutting-edge software specially tailored for the architectural and building industries or anything associated with buildings, building interiors and landscapes in Malaysia.

Its establishment was to assist professionals in these industries to improve their designs, streamline workflows and boost efficiency in every aspect of their work, says its executive director, Hanz Ong Han Hui.

Ong, who has been in the architectural and design software business in the last 15 years, says that Monnett has been representing various principals from leading software firms all over the world to suit every design need.

Monnett, he explains, brings architectural design software that combines advanced modelling capabilities with intuitive user interfaces, thus enabling design professionals like architects or even students at institutions of higher learning to create, visualise, and refine complex designs in both 2D and 3D environments with greater efficiency. Its software range includes a rich library of building components, materials, and textures, along with tools for lighting simulation, rendering, and animation.

Recently, Monnett signed a Memorandum of Collaboration (MoC) with KTC ARKZ Group Sdn Bhd, an up-and-coming property developer, at the recently concluded 22nd International Architecture, Interior Design and Building Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. The MoC was for the joint collaboration of 3D Design with Rendering & Virtual Reality Solutions (Cloud) using the Twinmotion technology software, one of Monnet’s current best sellers.

“For a start, it will enable us to quickly visualise our potential and our capability to bring to what we can do for clients,” he adds.

In addition, Chong sees great opportunities for his company to be flexible and  stay on top of the design game so that its clients can visualise what it can do for them quickly in the future.

KTC ARKZ has planned for two property projects in Selangor and Perak by utilising the smart cities concept to bring greater value for both the company and customers.

“As we move forward, we want these two projects to be able to meet the demands of a new set of younger and tech-savvy customers,” says Memphes. ”Therefore, the collaboration with Monnett allows us to be where we should be and do what we should do.”

Elaborating on Twinmotion, Monnet’s current best seller because of its prowess and relatively cheap cost, Ong discloses that the company has had many satisfied clients and some have even asked for the latest updated version to be installed quickly to replace their existing versions!

Twinmotion’s real-time visualisation tool enables architects, urban planners, landscaping professionals and even designers working on consumer products, transportation, or even fashion, and beyond to quickly and easily produce high-quality images, panoramas, standard or 360° Virtual Reality videos, and interactive presentations from their design data.

A key benefit of Twinmotion is its quality rendering capability, which is the  finalisation process of a digital image or a 3D model using computer software that allows users to bring together visuals from shadows and lighting effects to textures, for the generation of the final result.

With Twinmotion’s intuitive User Interface, Ong says that clients will be able to master the software quickly, like even changing the season, weather, or time of day as it is just as simple as dragging a slider on a computer screen.

This capability helps them to take designs up to the next level with high-quality animations, panoramas, depth of field and lens flare with interactive 360° videos and VR presentations.

Hanz Ong Han Hui, Executive Director of Monnett Sdn Bhd, (left) seals collaboration with Memphes Chong Chee Wei, Chief Projects Officer of KTC ARKZ Group Sdn Bhd, (right) with a firm handshake