MOH opens PPS placements to other hospitals


PUTRAJAYA, May 22: The Ministry of Health (MOH) has opened the graduate medical officers (PPS) placements to several other hospitals apart from state hospitals.

MOH said that the decision to open the PPS placements of the third series’ recruitment was made considering the improved PPS slot-filling percentage.

“This placement offer was implemented through the e-houseman system on May 13, 2024, involving 792 candidates,” it said in a statement.

At the beginning of this year, MOH decided that the placements should be open to state hospitals only as the appointment of PPS was declining and the filling of PPS slots in state hospitals was also dropping.

As of April, MOH has implemented two series under PPS recruitment, involving a total of 701 individuals in the first series and another 803 in the second series.

“For the next series, the placements of PPS in other hospitals will be considered from time to time based on the number of candidates received from the Public Service Commission as well as other relevant factors,” read the statement.

It also said that it understands the challenges faced by healthcare workers across the country in the face of increased workload.

“Several short-term and long-term measures will be implemented to address this problem,” it said.

Earlier this month, MOH announced that 747 PPS had been deployed to all states to cover the shortage of medical officers.

“The purpose of training given to PPS during placement is for them to obtain exposure and sufficient clinical training.

“This is important so that they can provide quality services and be able to practice safely,” it said.

The ministry also instructed all hospital directors to ensure the welfare of all health workers is safeguarded even though the level of PPS filling in hospitals is still in the process of improvement.