MOE drawing up interventions to address overcrowding in schools -Fadhlina

NIBONG TEBAL, Apr 1: The Ministry of Education (MOE) has drawn up several long-term and short-term interventions, to resolve the issue of overcrowding in schools nationwide.

Its Minister, Fadhlina Sidek, said that the short-term intervention involved the construction and use of cabins in schools with high student density, as well as dispersing students to nearby schools so that the number of students could be controlled, in an atmosphere conducive to learning.

She explained that the long-term intervention is the construction of new schools, which will take time, but the MOE will try its best to ensure the students’ comfort.

“In the last budget, 26 new schools have been approved to be constructed, and we hope that, with the new schools, we will be able to reduce the density of students in the school, and at the same time, our children will be able to learn in a comfortable environment.

“As for the use of cabins, there are some schools we have identified in terms of capacity, but it is only a short-term approach; for the long-term, they should attend lessons in school buildings which are conducive to learning,” she said.

She said this after attending the state-level MOE Jaulah Ramadan 2024 programme, at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sungai Acheh, here, which was also attended by her deputy, Wong Kah Wong.

Fadhlina said that MOE will continue to focus on addressing the issue, to provide comfort and a conducive learning environment for students.

She said that, currently, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur are among the states with a high density of students in schools.

Commenting on a viral video on social media, related to the issue of ‘kafir’ (infidels), she described the issue, which had been taken out of context as being over.

“I mentioned that some things were quoted out of context, and my statement should be read and accepted in full, and in my view, this issue has been resolved.

“We should move on to make sure that the issues and reforms of education, which are being implemented, can be given focus; ignore the issues which will interfere with our work, not to mention now that we are at the end of the Ramadan month. Do not slander, instead, we should focus on religious worship and pursue Lailatul Qadr, may our worship be accepted,” she said.

Touching on the Jaulah Ramadan, Fadhlina, who is also a Member of Parliament for Nibong Tebal, said that it was part of efforts to enliven the month of Ramadan and increase piety and compassion among MOE staff through various activities, including tadabbur Al-Quran, iftar and Tarawih prayers.