Ministry urged to investigate top NUTP officials for abuse of power

Datuk N.Siva Subramaniam has called for an investigation of top NUTP officials who have failed to follow a directive from the KSN

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 1 – Former Secretary General of the National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP), Datuk N. Siva Subramaniam today urged the Ministry of Human Resources to investigate more than 10 top NUTP officials for misuse of power and going against a directive issued to them by the Chief Secretary to the Government (KSN).

Speaking to Weekly Echo today, Siva said the case of the 30 officials has been long outstanding that began following a directive from the KSN relinquishing the said officials of their posts in NUTP in line with the Trade Union Act 1959.

Under the Act, officials who hold administrative posts in schools and of higher grades of DG52 and above cannot hold top positions in the NUTP, which is the country’s largest union with more than 300,000 teachers as its members.

Siva said the directive from the KSN calling on the officials to let go of their post was issued following a meeting and resolution jointly taken with the department that looks into union affairs, Jabatan Hal Ehwal Kesatuan Sekerja (JHEKS).

All the affected officials were holding administrative posts in schools and had been promoted to grades of DG52 and above which disqualified them from holding the NUTP officials posts but they had appealed numerous times against the directive and had expressed wish to stay on their posts till 2023..

Their appeal was however subsequently rejected via a directive dated August 5, 2021.

A copy of the letter rejecting the appeal by NUTP officials to retain their posts

“These officials have had plenty of time since 2017 to groom younger teachers for the posts, but they have failed to do so and there is evidence that most of them are also signing checks, which is a misuse of funds and an offence under the union act.

“JHEKS has collected the information on all these unqualified officials and they have even struck out their names and positions at NUTP branch level in states such as Pahang, Johor, Kedah, Pulau Pinang to name a few. The NUTP branches and HQ would have to declare their actual grades and positions via a form called Borang L and U which is to be sent to the respective state JHEKS offices. “

All the said NUTP officials are reported to have also not disclosed the truth about their actual grade/posts in the Borang L as they did not want to leave their top posts at branch and HQ level.

All NUTP officials from Selangor and Perak have followed the directive, said Siva, who was also a former CUEPACS President, and SUHAKAM Commissioner.

“The other 26 or 28 unions in the country have abided by the Akta Kesatuan Sekerja 1959 and some have even dissolved their unions as a result of holding higher grades/posts but the NUTP officials seem to be in denial.”

Other members of NUTP, who pay RM10 in subscription every month via ANGKASA deduction, have started complaining about abuse of power in the union and seeking a resolution to the matter.

“They want to know why these officials still signing cheques at branch level and HQ as they have been asked to leave.’

While JHEKS is looking into this matter, the Director General of JHEKS should also act on this matter without fear or favour, Siva said.