MGTC-Shopee join forces to promote green products

Dato’ Mohamad Razif, Deputy Secretary-General (Energy, Environment and Climate Change) of NRECC (Center) Shamsul Bahar Mohd Nor, CEO of MGTC (Left) and Kenneth Soh, Head of Marketing, Shopee Malaysia (Right) 

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 5: Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change (MGTC), an agency under the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change (NRECC), has joined forces with online shopping platform, Shopee Malaysia, to build awareness and promote green products in the country.

Towards this, a campaign – “Jom Beli Produk Hijau” (Let’s Buy Green Products) – was launched on Monday, Sept 4th.

The campaign, to run from September to December this year, will feature certified green products under the MyHIJAU Mark recognition scheme and other green verified labels.

Household items like detergents, paints, packaging products, kitchen utensils and paper will be among some of the products, people will be able to purchase.

Speaking at the launch, MGTC Group Chief Executive Shamsul Bahar Mohd Nor highlighted the importance of supporting a goverrnment initiative towards a green environment.

“In a world where environmental challenges have become more pressing than ever, we have an important task in turning the whole economic value chain green. From the designing of products, manufacturing, supply, delivery, consumption and even the disposal of products, it has to be a low-carbon operation all the way through,” he said, adding that adoption of green products in daily lives will be important and each person can play a role.

The partnership with Shoppe is expected to provide the initiative a leverage in the digital landscape and reach a broader audience, a press statement issued by NRECC during the launch said.

“Recognising consumers’ adopting sustainable products plays a pivotal role in this journey; the campaign aims to build awareness and highlight the importance of making green products accessible.

“Under the MyHIJAU Mark recognition scheme driven by the MGTC, the government aims to have 50,000 green products and services in the market by 2030. We are now halfway through the journey. Therefore, collaboration such as this will help us achieve or, even better, exceed the target.”

In its 10th year of operation, the MyHIJAU Mark is a recognition programme that identifies products and services that meet environmental standards. Over twelve thousand products and services have been registered in the directory.

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