Malaysia sees close to 400 Covid-19 deaths

PUTRAJAYA, Aug 26 – Malaysia recorded 7 short of 400 deaths overnight due to the Covid-19 today. The number of new cases was also a record 24,599, the Ministry of Health report in its daily briefing today.

A total of 22,657 recovered from the virus, increasing the number of recoveries to 1,359,791 while the number of positive cases rose to 1,640,843.

With the latest figures, the number of total deaths went up to 15,211, while the number of patients in the intensive care units remained high at 990.

Patients on assisted breathing also remained a high number at 487.

Vaccinations continued with 18.8 million people in Malaysia taken their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine while 13.8 million of them have had two doses.