Malaysia reaffirms SDG commitment leveraging regional strengths

BANGKOK, Feb 22: Leveraging regional strengths, Malaysia reaffirms its commitment to collaborative efforts in achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focusing on partnerships across the Asia-Pacific region.

Deputy Minister of Economy Datuk Hanifah Hajar Taib said this in her country statement speech at the 11th Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development (11th APFSD). Her speech was delivered by Director at National SDG Centre, Ministry of Economy Asfaazam Kasbani. 

She highlighted the urgency of addressing poverty, exacerbated by multiple crises including the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in a slight increase in national absolute poverty.

Despite this challenge, she said Malaysia has made significant progress in reducing hardcore poverty through initiatives like the People Income Initiative and the Central Database Hub (PADU) focused on boosting income and streamlining assistance delivery.

“Moving forward, Malaysia will enhance poverty eradication efforts through comprehensive approaches, better policy interventions and improved social protection programmes,” she said. 

In response to multiple crises, Hanifah said Malaysia is committed  to adopting resilient and sustainable solutions, integrating environmental, social, and economic dimensions. 

She said Malaysia called for enhanced support and assistance for developing countries through adequate funding, technical knowledge, technology transfer, and capacity building.

“The achievement of SDGs require strong regional cooperation and transformative partnerships to ensure no one is left behind,” she said. 

She added that Malaysia advocated the adoption of innovative solutions and digital technologies to address development challenges, enhance productivity, and promote inclusive growth. 

“Initiatives such as Malaysia’s Economy Digital Centre (PEDi) will narrow the digital divide and improve quality of life in the underserved areas,” she said.