Malaysia free to have good relations with any country, says PM

Image courtesy of YAB PM’s FB

PUTRAJAYA, Dec 23: Malaysia is free to voice its views and stance, including in forging good relationships with any country, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“Malaysia needs allies, investments and this country has no intention to go to war with others (other countries), we want to be on good terms with everyone (every country),” he said during the Prime Minister’s dialogue session with chief editors and senior editors of the country’s electronic, print and online media here today.

He said the Look East Policy, which previously only made Japan and South Korea as models of economic development, now also includes China.

“The Look East Policy (introduced in 1982) (only focused on) Japan and South Korea (because) back then China’s economic situation was gloomy but now China’s economy has made a quantum leap in terms of its technology, industry and strength of its universities.

“(China President) Xi Jinping also emphasises several interesting matters because he is the only leader who talks about civilisation and values, that is why I say the Look East Policy should comprise China, Japan and South Korea,” he said.

The Look East Policy was introduced by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the fourth Prime Minister, in 1982 to study economic modernisation strategies, especially from Japan and South Korea.

Anwar, at the same time, said Malaysia’s relationship with the United States remained good despite Malaysia maintaining good ties with China.

“Before and after (the leadership of US president) Joe Biden, Malaysia’s ties with the United States are still good, but don’t assume that we cannot voice out our opinions.

“China is our neighbour, it is a major power, it has a good relationship with us, we are on good terms with it, it has a problem with the US, that is its problem with the US, why must we meddle more than that,” he said.