Malaysia calls for effective ceasefire, multifaceted response to Gaza crisis

PUTRAJAYA, June 12 (Bernama) — Malaysia’s Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan reaffirmed Malaysia’s steadfast support for the Palestinian cause during a high-level conference titled “Call for Action: Urgent Humanitarian Response for Gaza” in Jordan. He underlined the necessity for an effective and permanent ceasefire for a successful humanitarian response.

Speaking at the conference held at the Dead Sea, Jordan on Tuesday, Mohamad underscored how the genocide in Gaza has hindered the much-needed humanitarian aid for Palestinians.

“The brutal reality on the ground is that there is still no guarantee for safe, secure, and unhindered delivery of aid,” he said, pointing out that Israel airstrikes had not only struck Malaysia’s aid convoy but also demolished a distribution centre, resulting in the deaths of volunteers and the destruction of life-saving consignments.

Mohamad stressed that these barbaric attacks did not, and will not deter Malaysia from its humanitarian commitments.

“We all can agree, that it would be impossible for any immediate humanitarian response to materialise, in the absence of a permanent and effective ceasefire and political solution,” he said.

Mohamad also called on states and stakeholders alike, to support the sincere undertaking towards a truce including the United States’  three-phase proposal.

“As a matter of principle, Malaysia has always been a strong advocate for peace and stability. We will stand in solidarity with any genuine effort that promotes peaceful settlement of conflict,” he said, welcoming the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 2735 on the three-phase proposal by the United States (US).

He outlined that a successful humanitarian response for Gaza is conditional on three elements namely – addressing the root causes of the conflict; imposing accountability on Israel through a reparative approach and reinforcement of the United Nations (UN) humanitarian mandate.

“We need a comprehensive humanitarian response, as well as recovery and reconstruction strategies that addresses the root causes, namely the denial of self-determination, and the prolonged Israeli illegal occupation and atrocities,” he said.

He said Palestine’s inherent right as a full member of the United Nations (UN) must be realised.

“As the occupying power, Israel must be held accountable, through reparative approach, in rebuilding Gaza, and for the immense violations inflicted upon the Palestinians,” Mohamad said.

“We must reinforce the UN’s role in carrying out its humanitarian mandate.

“UNRWA must be empowered, supported and protected, to enable it to deliver humanitarian assistance, and immediate recovery in social infrastructures, including healthcare services and psycho-social support, and at scale,” he said.

Mohamad pledged Malaysia continued humanitarian support, and pointed out that the Malaysian government, in collaboration with more than 50 national non governmental organisations (NGOs), had dispatched over 5,000 tonnes of vital aid to Gaza.