Lipstick sales down with lockdowns

SUBANG JAYA, June 3 – Sales of lipsticks have gone down by 50 percent at least in the past few months, says a marketing staff for a leading cosmetics and body care company.

The marketing staff, who spoke on the condition of anonymity and without disclosing the name of the brand, said that since the Movement Control Order (MCO) began last year, many cosmetic products like foundation, compact powder and lipstick have taken a dip in sales.

Testing of cosmetics were also not allowed during the Conditional MCO (CMCO) period and this also kept some customers away.

“Demand for skin care products have however remained good as they are used daily. Our regular customers continue to buy them, especially with our offer of online purchases and free delivery,” she said.

Among the obvious reasons are the fact that women have not been going out much ever since the pandemic began, whether it is for work or for social functions. When they do go out, they use mask and lipsticks under a mask can be messy.

Weekly-Echo speaks to a few women on lipsticks and lockdown.

For make-up artist, Vinodhini Lashaman, keeping a stock of lipsticks is an important part of her work.

“I buy them ahead especially during sales as my clients are brides and I tend to use various shades of lipsticks for them such as for the ceremonies, dinners and other events.

Make-up Artist Vino Lashaman

“Although lipsticks last quite well but they do expire within a year or two of opening depending on their brand. This past year however, I have not bought any new lipstick as I have a stock of them and most of them are unused due to the lockdowns in between and the cancellation of several weddings I was already engaged to do make-up.

“Business is really bad. Those who postponed their weddings last year are now rescheduling their dates again. Basically there was zero income in January and February this year. March and April were a bit better.

“Four of them who had dates in January brought it to May but now they have pushed it forward again. And May is usually the most happening month in terms of Hindu weddings.

“However, although the lockdown has badly affected the bridal make-up business, many of us do appreciate the lockdown and we are hoping the pandemic can be brought under control and businesses can reopen soon, ” said Vino, who lives with her husband and two children in Setia Alam.

While Vino is an elegant and attractive woman who believes in wearing her lipstick under her mask during the lockdown, some women have altogether stopped using lipstick during this period.

For Shirley Ng, her lipsticks are lying around and not being used at all.

“I have started throwing some of them. In the beginning of the first MCO, I did use them occasionally but the mask tended to wipe them away anyway, so now I don’t use it. Maybe I will get new ones, when the lockdowns are over.”

For Suhasini, the use of lipstick is a must at all times.

“Even when I go out and use a mask, I still use a lipstick. I will not be caught not wearing one. I have plenty of shades and I use them regularly. The lockdown has not made a difference,” she said.