KTC Group & Taiwan Turn Cloud Technology to explore new opportunities in digital technology

KUALA LUMPUR, March 21: KTC Group, a Malaysian real estate developer, and Taiwanese tech company Taiwan Turn Cloud Technology Group have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore new opportunities in digital technology and promote industry innovation and development.

The MOU was signed at the 2024 World System Integrators Conference (WSIC) in Taipei on March 19 and witnessed by Taiwan’s Deputy Minister of Digital Affairs Li Huai-Ren.

The two parties aim to promote cross-border cooperation and jointly explore the future development and directions of digital technology besides striving to promote greater industry innovation.

This means developing innovative products and solutions to provide customers with more diversified choices and higher quality services in areas like smart property management and smart business administration.

KTC Group has been applying advanced technologies to its property development businesses to provide high-quality products and services to purchasers. Taiwan Turn Cloud Technology Group is known for its strong technical and innovative capability besides having a rich experience in digital technology.

Their collaboration also represents more cooperation by the two companies to inject new vitality and momentum into the development of the digital technology industry and open up a new chapter in the digital era.

In his remarks at the WSIC, Deputy Minister Li Huai-Ren said the conference aimed to promote greater cross-border cooperation and the development and application of digital technology to bring about better commercial value and social benefits.