Kit Siang retires from politics, says dream for a united Malaysia must go on

SHAH ALAM, March 20 – DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang today announced his retirement from politics after serving the party for more than 56 years.

The following is his full speech at the DAP congress today:

I take this opportunity to announce my political retirement and I will not contest for any position, including the party CEC today – you should delete No. 39 from the CEC candidate list) – or any parliamentary or state assembly seat.
I have been with the party for 56 years – two days ago was the DAP’s 56th anniversary –   and have seen it develop from a small opposition party which fought the first general election in 1969 into a major political party in the Pakatan Harapan coalition which won the 14th General Election in 2018 and formed the government in seven states.
The recent Johor state general election is a salutary reminder that our Malaysian Dream for a united, democratic, just world-class great Malaysia is a long-term political struggle, with many ups and downs, gains and losses, but we must remain constant in our objectives and never compromise our principles and ideals.
We represent the hopes and aspirations of Malaysians who want Malaysia to stand tall in the world because of our achievements in various fields of human endeavour and for our ability to leverage on the best values and virtues of the diverse races, religions, cultures and civilisations that meet in confluence in  Malaysia, not to be  scorned or belittled in the international community of nations because we are on the trajectory of a kleptocracy, kakistocracy and a failed state.
We must reignite hope and confidence in the future as we hold in our hands the ability to reverse the national decline of the past half a century.
Never before in the history of DAP is it more important that we must have unity, solidarity, commitment and resolve in our long-term commitment to realise the Malaysian Dream.
I am privileged to share this journey to realise our Malaysian Dream to be a world-class great nation with many patriotic Malaysians, both inside and outside the DAP.

–     WE