Kelantan receives biggest development allocation among states in Peninsula

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 15: The federal government has never marginalised Kelantan in terms of development allocation in Budget 2024, especially involving road infrastructure, even when its administration is opposition-held, the Dewan Rakyat was told today.

Deputy Works Minister Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Mohamad said out of the total amount of RM9.511 billion allocated to the Works Ministry, Kelantan was the state that received the highest allocation.

“Actually, what Jelutong (RSN Rayer) said is true. The government has not marginalised opposition areas…(but) during the debate, there were some MPs who said that Kelantan was marginalised and the allocation received was very little.

“I want to tell you that Kelantan is the state that receives the highest allocation in the peninsula,” he said when winding up debate on the Supply Bill 2024 at the committee stage for the ministry in the house.

Abdul Rahman also praised the involvement of the MPs in the debate involving the ministry.

Their involvement in voicing the needs of the people and their respective areas saw the allocation to the ministry increased by RM1.072 billion to RM9.511 billion in the budget.

Meanwhile, Entrepreneur and Cooperatives Development Minister Datuk Ewon Benedick, when winding up debate for the ministry, said it has implemented four main programmes to encourage the involvement of entrepreneurs in the halal industry.

Among the programmes are the Halal Entrepreneurship Development Programme to guide entrepreneurs to obtain halal certification and the Halal Entrepreneur Internationalisation Programme which aims to help entrepreneurs penetrate the international market through participation in trade exhibitions and expos abroad.

“A total of 985 entrepreneurs have befited from the halal entrepreneurship development programmes implemented by the ministry this year, while 105 entrepreneurs for the internationalisation programme with a total sales potential of RM346 million,” he said.

Ewon also said that KUSKOP will continue to cooperate with all ministries and agencies that are also responsible for developing the halal industry next year in an effort to empower the halal industry in this country.

The house will sit again tomorrow.