KBS achieves 22 reforms in nine months – Adam Adli

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 6: The Youth and Sports Ministry (KBS) has introduced 22 reforms to drive development in sports which were achieved in nine months, three months before the MADANI administration completed one year, said its Deputy Minister Adam Adli Abd Halim. 

Adam Adli said the reforms encompassed for main aspects namely strengthening the sports ecosystem, cultivating sports, empowering youth and popularising facilities of KBS.

“Within a year of this MADANI Government or at least at the KBS level we have put up at least 22 achievements and all of these are according to record, we considered them achieved at least within nine months since they were introduced.

“…for example, the most basic sports hall or the most important sports complex facility in the country is the use of the Bukit Jalil National Stadium which used to be more exclusive but is now widely open to use at the school level,” he said.

He said this when appearing as a guest on RTM’s Naratif Khas programme broadcast on TV1 in conjunction with One Year with the MADANI Government programme.

Besides, Adam Adli emphasised that the youth group is not neglected in the administration of the MADANI Government when it was also given attention by giving a new lease of life to Rakan Muda in June apart from introducing the Rukun Negara School which aims to improve political literacy among the youth the following month.

“This Rukun Negara school aims to be a catalyst and as a space outside the classroom where they (youth) meet ideas that may not be discussed through school subjects,” he said.​