It’s A Merry Christmas With A New Home, Daughter In Law For The Saravanan Family

The Saravanan family in their new home: From left: Darwy, Marilyn, Nicole, Margaret, Saravanan, Arwyn and Deesha.

SHAH ALAM, Dec 25 – This year’s Christmas is certainly special for Saravanan and Margaret, who are celebrating it not only in their new home in Eco Sanctuary near here, but also with all their three children and a new daughter in law.

“We did not have any major celebration these past few years including during the Covid-19 pandemic period, but this year it, it has certainly been a full celebration with an evening Christmas dinner as well tonight,” Margaret told Weekly Echo.

Apart from their son Arwyn and daughter in law Deesha, daugher Nicole, and son Darwy and girl friend Marilyn, the Saravanan family will also have other friends, relatives and their new neighbours join in for a sumptuous Christmas dinner this evening.