IPC’s upgrades recycling centre to ensure that all green efforts count

Shoppers who choose to recycle also stand to collect points for their efforts at the revamped, digitalised RBBC at the IPC Shopping Centre.

PETALING JAYA, July 28 – The IPC Shopping Centre here recently unveiled its upgraded Recycling and Buy Back Centre (RBBC) with enhanced features to continue to encourage a greener lifestyle among its shoppers and tenants.

The shopping centre is not new to making efforts towards sustainable living, as it has been actively promoting recycling activities in the last 14 years and plans to expand its green activities outside of the Klang Valley as well.

While the RBBC previously offered shoppers an active outlet for 6 categories of recyclable items such as cardboard, newspaper, paper, plastics, metal, and aluminium, the revamped RBBC now offers new enhancements and features, while making recycling a seamless and digitalized experience for those taking the efforts towards a more environment friendly living, said Karyn Lim, General Manager of IPC Shopping Centre, during the launch of the new RBBC.

The upgraded digitalised version accepts a wider variety of recyclables such as drink cartons, polystyrene, and textiles. It can also accept non-recyclable waste categories such as light tube and bulbs,
medicine, glass, battery, electronic waste and food waste in an effort to reduce waste disposal from piling into landfills.

Hazardous waste such as glass, battery and electronics are handled professionally and disposed
safely to prevent environmental pollution caused by toxins and to ensure the recyclable parts are properly
repurposed for future reuse.

“We have transformed our RBBC into a self-service digitalized recycling drop off wall with brand new interior design, to become an engaging green community centre that integrates with our business…. We hope to inspire and grow more green-makers in the community through the digitalized RBBC to keep our environment greener and incubate the younger generation in making waste recycling as part of our everyday life.”

The recycling centre is strategically located at the shopping centre’s carpark area, making it easy
for shoppers to drop-off their recyclables.