Interpol arrests 219 criminals in human trafficking operation

ISTANBUL, June 25: A major international anti-human trafficking operation resulted in 219 arrests and the identification of 1,374 potential victims, including 153 children, in 39 countries, Interpol announced on Monday, Anadolu Agency (AA) reported.

Operation Global Chain, led by Austria in coordination with Romania, Europol, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) and Interpol, was conducted on June 3-9 with the aim of disrupting high-risk criminal networks involved in sexual exploitation, forced labourand forced begging.

The week-long operation involved police and border guards from several continents and focused on criminal networks involved in human trafficking, particularly children.

As a result, authorities opened 276 new investigations and identified 362 additional suspects. They also seized 2,074 criminal assets, including cash and equipment, and detected 363 fraudulent documents, Interpol reported.

Checks against Interpol’s global databases yielded 12 matches, including two subjects wanted under Interpol red notices.

“Operations like Global Chain show that no country or continent is immune to human trafficking and exploitation. Whether perpetrated by family members or organised crime groups, the impact on victims is devastating.

“As a global law enforcement community, we are committed to sharing vital information to bring perpetrators to justice,” said Richard Chambers, Interpol’s director of organised and emerging crime.