Indonesia stresses on ethical use of AI

JAKARTA, Nov 3 (Bernama-ANTARA) — Indonesia stressed the importance of the ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI) at the AI Safety Summit (AISS) 2023.

“It is the responsibility of humans to ensure that AI development will improve people’s welfare now and in the future,” Deputy Minister of Communication and Informatics, Nezar Patria, said in a statement received here on Thursday.

Representing Indonesia at the AISS forum in London on Wednesday (Nov 1, 2023), he observed that if not anticipated, AI can pose several threats to humanity, such as incorrect algorithms and human bias in using AI, reported ANTARA News Agency.

“Especially those related to deep-faking and phishing, legal issues including copyright, job losses, and data privacy,” he pointed out.

Indonesia then highlighted three important issues related to the ethical use of AI technology.

First, every party should be responsible in using AI, meaning those who develop and use AI must make short-, medium-, and long-term plans so that AI can continue to benefit society.

“Everyone must be aware of the impact of AI throughout their life cycle,” Patria said.

The second is to establish a global and inclusive communication platform that regularly discusses the development, progress, and behaviour of AI utilisation.

Finally, Patria said, AI users must have good intentions in utilising AI, and not utilise it for harmful activities that can pose a threat to mankind.

While closing his message, the deputy minister praised the United Kingdom government for organising the forum, which specifically discussed the topic of AI safety for the first time at the international level.

“On behalf of the Indonesian government, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the UK government. Indonesia believes that this summit will encourage cooperation among invited countries and stakeholders,” he said.