Indonesia Parliament’s commission I approves and forms committee for five defence bills

JAKARTA, June 19 (Bernama) — The Commission I of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) sanctioned and established a working committee on Wednesday to handle Defence Cooperation Ratification Bills involving India, France, Cambodia, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates.

The decision was made during a meeting chaired by the Commission Deputy Chairman Teuku Riefky Harsya, attended by government officials, including Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi and Deputy Defence Minister Muhammad Herindra.

Nine factions in the commission and the government were asked to appoint their representatives to the committee to discuss and review the technical and legal aspects of the proposed cooperation agreements.

Speaking to the media at Parliament here, Retno expressed hope that the upcoming discussions will proceed smoothly up to the decision-making stages in the second round and the plenary session of the DPR.

She emphasised that the cooperation being forged aims to build trust and safeguard Indonesia’s territorial integrity and world peace, rather than forming a defence pact or military alliance.

“This cooperation is crucial to bolster Indonesia’s national resilience, especially amid an uncertain global situation and heightened geopolitical competition. It also aligns with our fundamental principles, including a free and active foreign policy,” Retno explained.

She said the proposed cooperation includes official visits, dialogues, capacity building, and cooperation in science and technology, with potential for joint development and marketing with several countries.