ICU plans various programmes to eradicate Terengganu hardcore poverty next year

KUALA TERENGGANU, Dec 11: The Terengganu State Development Office, under the Implementation Coordination Unit (ICU) of the Prime Minister’s Department (JPM), has planned and implemented several programmes for the next year, as a measure to eradicate poverty in the state.

Its director, Abdul Kahar Abdul Latif, said that it included allocating RM22 million for the new building and home renovation programme so that the target group has the opportunity to have a safe and comfortable home.

“Apart from implementing the physical development programmes, we also coordinate the implementation of the people’s welfare programme, to eradicate poverty in Terengganu.

“The latest statistics show that as many as 6,506, heads of households (KIR) in hardcore poverty, and 24,740 poor KIR have been registered in the eKasih system,” he said when speaking at the Terengganu Development Office get-together with the Media 2023, here.

He added that to ensure better survival of the target group, his office has also implemented various initiatives, including the Usaha Kasih Programme (UKasih), the Income Improvement Programme and the Kasih Prihatin Programme, in collaboration with strategic partners. 

“This collaboration, with the Terengganu Islamic Religion and Malay Customs Council (MAIDAM) and the Malaysian Islamic Economic Development Foundation (YaPEIM), can expand the coverage of social protection to KIR registered with eKasih,” he said.

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, was previously reported as saying that the government is committed to making the year 2023 the end of the problem of hardcore poverty in the country, through several new approaches, to overcome the weaknesses of past initiatives and further increase the ability of households in hardcore poverty to generate income.

Meanwhile, Abdul Kahar also said that his office had completed the distribution of Wang Ihsan (cash aid) for 39,145 flood victims for last year and this year, involving a total allocation of RM137 million.

He added that, in collaboration with the district offices, the Terengganu Development Office has also implemented and completed the maintenance of 215 school toilets, under the allocation of the Ministry of Education, worth RM15.05 million.

He said that, despite being governed by the state government from the opposition bloc, Terengganu has never been neglected by the Unity Government.

The federal government has provided relatively high allocations for the implementation of development projects for PAS-administered Terengganu.

“If you look at the projected development allocation for projects under the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP), by year, starting from the First Rolling Plan (RP1) for the year 2021 until now, the amount of allocation for Terengganu continues to increase.

“In RP1 of 12MP, a total of RM725.96 million was approved for 225 projects. In 2022, which is RP2 of 12MP, a total of RM1.37 billion was approved for 365 projects, while in RP3, a total of RM1.39 billion was approved involving 407 projects, ” he said.

He said that as much as RM1.19 billion has been spent so far, out of the total RM1.39 billion received, thus placing Terengganu’s expenditure performance in the fourth highest position in Malaysia.

Abdul Kahar said that, of the 407 RP3 RMK12 projects, several high-impact projects are currently being implemented, including the construction of Kemaman Hospital and Dungun Hospital, costing RM405.41 million and RM145.83 million respectively.

Also, the construction of the Kuala Nerus Fire and Rescue Station, worth RM5 million; the Sewage Treatment Plant and Pipeline Project in the South Kuala Terengganu catchment area (RM418.15 million), and the Coastal Erosion Control Project at Kuala Nerus beach (RM69. 92 million), he said

Several state priority projects had also been completed this year, including the Sungai Paka Estuary Conservation Project, costing RM150 million and the Kuala Nerus People’s Housing Project (RM94.24 million), as well as raising the level of Jalan Chukai to Water Putih in Kemaman (RM57.59 million).

“We have also implemented 615 small projects, covering the maintenance of roads, drains, public halls, mosques, surau and temporary evacuation centres for flood victims, as well as various social amenities, amounting to RM39.76 million.

“This includes the mosques which are still under construction, namely the construction of the Ketengah Jaya Islamic Centre, worth RM11.19 million; the Kampung Langgar Mosque in Kuala Berang (RM5.3 million), and the Kuala Kubang Mosque in Jabi, Besut (RM2.87 million),” he said.

Therefore, he said that, although the administration of the Terengganu state government is not politically aligned with the central government, the good relationship between Terengganu and Putrajaya will continue to enable development in the state, for the benefit of every citizen.