Human Beings Have Enough Intelligence, Resources, Knowhow To Make A Difference – Prem Rawat

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 29 – Human beings have enough intelligence, resources and know-how to make a difference in their lives as well as of that of those around them, says Global Peace Ambassador and New York Bestseller author Prem Rawat.

Rawat, who was in Malaysia in October this year, said this during an interview with former Editor-In-Chief of National News Agency BERNAMA, Datuk Yong Soo Heong.

Yong, who highlighted the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, had posed questions on why human beings were still struggling, in this age and time, when it has been a “relatively peaceful time with only mini wars following the World War Two some 77 years ago.” With wars being supposedly events of the past, why some people in many parts of the world were still facing issues like poor access to nutrition, water, health, education and a better way of life worldwide and if the people governed were getting a raw deal by those who govern?

Rawat opined that while a public servant must be selfless and have the welfare of the people topmost, it was not always the case and although there were good politicians, they were far and few in between and they get outnumbered by those who lay claim to how things should be.

He spoke about the need to render fear useless. “The tool that is used to manipulate the whole world is fear and everybody uses it….and I want to advocate ‘don’t be afraid’ As soon as you render this tool called fear useless, the world can begin to change.”

Former Editor-In-Chief of Bernama, Datuk Yong Soo Heong interviews Global Peace Ambassador and New York Bestseller author Prem Rawat who was in Malaysia in October.

Whether a person is uneducated or incredibly educated and rich, they must not be afraid as the true potential of a human being is there, and they have enough intelligence, resources and knowhow to make a difference, he said.

He also spoke of how wars still go on in the minds of people. While the World War Two is over, wars are still ongoing in the “living room, bedroom, schools, institutions all around the world. The solutions are simple.”

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