Hospitals maxing out on ICU beds: Ministry

PUTRAJAYA, May 22 – Hospitals nationwide have reached or already reaching their maximum usage of beds in the Intensive Care Units, with many resorting to using beds from other wards for COVID-19 patients requiring intensive care.

In its Facebook page today, the Ministry of Health said the usage of ICU beds in the Klang Valley has reached 113 percent in general.

At the Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (HTAR) in Klang, the figure is already at 117 percent.

With the shortages of beds in the ICU, some of the normal wards are also being converted for treating critically ill COVID-19 patients, the ministry said. Some of the wards are also being fitted with equipment required for treating the patients.

The statement once again called for the cooperation of everyone to take care of themselves, avoid going out unless necessary and help the stretched front liners handle the situation.