Hong Kong marathon leaves 1 runner dead, 842 others hurt

MOSCOW, Jan 22: Hong Kong’s annual marathon on Sunday was marred by the death of a 30-year-old runner who collapsed after the race.

Another 842 people were treated for various injuries, including scrapes, sprains and muscle cramps, according to public broadcaster RTHK. Of them, 39 required hospital care.

Police reportedly said that the 30-year-old collapsed at a metro station and died in a hospital despite efforts to resuscitate him.

Another athlete collapsed on the 10-kilometre (six mile) track and was taken to a hospital. RTHK cited medical staff as saying that his heart had stopped beating at least once.

The Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon returned to its pre-pandemic size this weekend, with 74,000 amateur athletes running through the semi-autonomous Chinese city. Organisers said that 450 runners completed the hours-long race within the time limit.