Have Hope

Guided by personal ethics of ‘do more good’, Yuet Mee Ho-Nambiar has a long involvement with sustainability and community building activities.  Belief in the oneness of humanity and the nobility of man underpins her interest in matters relating to unity and social cohesion of communities, while her background in a finance-related profession focuses her interest to the area of inclusive economics and development.  

Malaysians Do Care

By Yuet Mee Ho- Nambiar

Two realities are manifesting itself in Malaysia. The first reality is the huge concerns over the appalling chaos and havoc caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Despite valiant and determined collective efforts, the situation is now grave, creating tragedies for families and individuals. With the varying degrees of movement restrictions in place, the distance from friends and relations that so many people are now maintaining are, for some, giving way to permanent separations. At each dawn it seems more agonies will be endured before the set of sun. Waves of suffering and sorrow are breaking over our communities, and are weakening us, at different moments, in different ways.

The second reality, one that is daily more apparent, is the resilience and undiminished vitality of Malaysians in the face of a challenge which has no likeness in living memory. When we read/saw news about people among us are at risk from economic hardship and are without food, Malaysians were moved and immediately rose to the occasion.

Foodbanks and meal aids sprung up from many quarters – by individuals, businesses and institutions. Apps were created to match providers to those seeking. Some found creative ways to raise awareness of public health requirements within populations. Mental health professionals and organisations offer free services. Services offered as well as provision of information to those seeking resources are listed in one place for easy reference: https://havehope2.blogspot.com/ And the list goes on…

The collective response by Malaysians has been truly outstanding. All these transpired in recent weeks, during which many have had to comply with stringent movement restrictions, is admirable. The sense of extraordinary solidarity of the Malaysian Community is indeed palpable.

However long and arduous the road that must be travelled, Malaysians have the fortitude and determination to see the journey through drawing from stores of hope, faith, and magnanimity, and putting the needs of others before our own. Malaysian will not be subdued. I have hope.

The views expressed here are that of the writer’s and not necessarily that of Weekly Echo’s.

Editor’s note: Please check out the Have Hope Exchange at https://havehope2.blogspot.com/ The site provides information on essential needs and services during this period of need.