Govt allocates RM471.6 mln for Covid-19 care package for B40 families

Graphics courtesy of Prime Minister’s Office.

PUTRAJAYA, Sept 19 – A total 3.6 million families from the B40 category will be receiving a set of the Covid-19 Care Package (PPC) comprising 4 reusable face masks, 4 Covid-19 test kits, 1 pulse oximeter, 1 termometer, user guide and health information pamphlet.

The government has allocated RM471.6 million for this initiative as preparation towards the transition to the Covid-19 endemic era, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said in his Facebook account today.

Apart from reducing their financial burden, the initiative will also help these families in the transition to the new norm, he said.

The government has also agreed to provide a third Covid-19 booster shot with the focus being on those in the high risk category. The third dose plan will be implemented once the country’s adult population vaccination level exceeds 80 percent, he said.