Google to invest in AI training in Europe

SAN JOSÉ, Feb 13: US-based technology group Alphabet Inc’s Google has launched the “AI Opportunity Initiative for Europe” to provide artificial intelligence (AI) skill training. 

The initiative will be supported by a €25 million (US$26.9 million) fund. The initiative aims to help people take advantage of opportunities in AI, as Europe is well positioned to lead the way in this field. 

Google has partnered with European Union (EU) governments, civil society, academics, and businesses to provide advanced AI training to local startups and underserved communities who are at risk of being left behind as the use of AI in the workplace continues to grow.

Google’s latest AI initiative in Europe follows a previous initiative called “Grow with Google”, which offered free training to address the EU’s digital skills gap. The AI programme will train professionals in applying AI to scenarios in the workplace.

Google has opened applications for social enterprises and non-profits that can help reach those most likely to benefit from the training. Selected organisations will receive bespoke and facilitated training on foundational AI. 

Google has also expanded its AI foundational course to 18 languages and enhanced the Google Career Certificates programme to offer practical experience in applying AI in professional scenarios.

The company has mainly partnered with the Centre for Public Impact to help seek out social enterprises and non-profits best equipped to reach people most likely to benefit from the training. 

Adrian Brown, executive director of the Centre for Public Impact, has said that the new programme will help people across Europe develop their knowledge, skills, and confidence around AI, ensuring that no one is left behind.