Gone with the rain, what’s next for flood victims?

Can cleaning up after floods become a way of life or can there be long term solutions for victims of recurring floods in the country? The above is one among the many houses that were badly affected by floods in the district of Chaah, Johor.

KUALA LUMPUR, March 21 – Many families reported heavy damages and some total loss of all properties following the recent floods in the various districts of Johor including Segamat, Batu Pahat, Mersing and Chaah.

While cleaning up have started in some places, these families are also coming to terms with having lost all their household items from furnitures like sofa, beds, cupboards, mattresses to electrical appliances like fridge and washing machines to the flood.

Although help was there during the floods and some cash assistance have been also promised to those who lost most of their belongings as well to families who saw total damages, the fear continues to remain on when another spell of rain will come to take away their belongings and leave them stranded again, one flood victim from Chaah said.

“We are grateful as the authorities as well as many volunteers came to help us with food and other forms of assistance during the height of the floods. The state fire and rescue department got us safely to relief centres and we were also promised cash assistance,” he said.

“But still our concerns are on whether the root of the floods will be addrressed and what will be done to solve this problem. “

According to the victim, the floods in Chaah could have been also due to the release of waters from the Bekok Dam in the district. The water in the dam is said to have swelled following heavy rains and they could have been released, he said.

“If that is true, can there be some solutions to prevent this in the future?” he asked.

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