Gojah: Ancy Ng Turns In A Beautiful Children’s Illustration On Love, Wildlife

Artist Ancy Ng with her book Gojah, an illustrative work based on a real tragedy that took place in Teluk Anson.

By Nesha Pany

TELUK INTAN: Inspired by a historical event that happened in 1894, Ancy Ng, 60 has illustrated a book for young readers with her artistic gifts, hoping to deliver a profound message around nature and wildlife.

The book titled Gojah, is based on a true story that took place in Teluk Anson (today Teluk Intan). It is about of a wild elephant that charged and derailed a train, causing its own death.

A newspaper clipping of the tragic incident of an elephant (right) that died charging onto a train in Teluk Intan and the derailed carriages. Photo courtesy of Sungai Kerawai Elephant Memorial.

Prior to that incident, a calf of the same herd was killed by a train in the exact same spot. It is speculated that these two incidences are linked whereby the elephant attacked the train as an act of retaliation in defence of his herd. This series of events now made into a heart-rending tale, narrating the capability of animals experiencing emotions while setting as a reminder of our interconnectedness with nature and the importance of compassion towards all creatures.

Ancy, a single mother who teaches art for living has always believed in using her artistic interpretation and expression as a powerful tool for connecting to the natural world. “My mission is to protect wildlife and save our precious Earth. By embracing serenity and reconnecting with nature, we can heal ourselves and rediscover our profound love for our planet,” she says.

“Now as I embark on the journey of publishing my book, this dream takes on a whole new significance. It motivates me to share my artistic experiences, knowledge and insights with a broader audience. It reminds me of the infinite possibilities that art offers and encourages me to empower others by sharing my passion. This dream is the driving force behind my dedication to art and serves as a beacon of inspiration for those who seek to find their artistic voice”, she adds.

Having sold a thousand copies of Gojah in just two months, Ancy hopes her book will continue to spread awareness on the impact of human interference on nature while inspiring artists to use their voice through art.

Ancy can be contacted through her Facebook profile:https://www.facebook.com/mak.angel.752