Glad Malaysia Is Peaceful, Says Dancer Krithika

An avid reader, dancer Krithika Ramachandran, who keeps in touch with what is happening in the country, also feels there needs to be more engagement of young people in the decisions for Malaysia’s future.

KUALA LUMPUR, March 2 – Dancer Krithika Ramachandran, 24, who is set to for a solo Indian classical dance performance this weekend (March 5th and 6th ) at the Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC), says she is grateful that Malaysia remains a peaceful country where people can carry out their activities freely and in harmony.

Referring to the ongoing war in Ukraine and Russia, and other conflicts in other parts of the world, Krithika said while the country may be having its share of political strife and conflicts, the people of the country have remained peaceful and this was something that must be appreciated.

“When I think about what is happening in some places where people are suffering, I feel like we should be grateful that Malaysia is still a peaceful country.”

She however also felt more avenues must be given to the young people to express their views on the future of the country.

“I am not putting down old people, but young people do have a lot to offer and they must be engaged in the decisions for the country’s future.”

Speaking to Weekly Echo on her upcoming performance entitled “Shyam. The Blue Devotion”, Krithika, who started learning dance and music at the age of five, said it would be an exploration of the devotional aspects related to Lord Krishna.

“Often, the themes on Lord Krishna tend to centre on the playful aspects of the deity. This presentation will be more on the deeper aspects of the relationship between Lord Krishna and a devotee,” she said, adding that one of the performances would be based on the works of poet-saint Andal.

Currently pursuing a degree in Accounting and Finance in Open University Malaysia, Krithika said she owed much to her parents for her natural affinity for dancing as she grew up amid the sounds of dancing bells and her mother’s teaching of dance at the Temple of Fine Arts, where her father, Ramachandran is a member.

On the preparation for the show, Krithika, said it has been rigorous training, which included running and swimming to push up her stamina levels and rehearsals with her mother, Guruvayur Usha Doria, who is also her dance teacher and who would play the nattuvangam (cymbals) during the show.

Other accompanying singer and musicians for the performance are Bhavani Logeswaran (vocals), Achyuthan Sasidharan Nair (violin/ song composer),  JJ Prathap Dharma (mridangam), Kalpana Paramjothy (Sitar) and Muthuraman Ganesan (rhythm pad).