Get GPs back on vaccination plan – Bukit Gasing Adun

PETALING JAYA, Aug 24 – The government’s move to centralise vaccination to 13 PPVs in the Klang Valley, and the stopping of vaccination in all the private GP clinics at the same time is not very wise, says Rajiv Rishyakaran, State Assemblyman for Bukit Gasing, Selangor.

Not only has this increased the traffic in all these 13 PPVs, but also pose the threat of an outbreak, he said in statement released during a press conference here today.

Noting that 300 clinics versus 13 mega PPV, would make vaccination more accessible, he urged the Special Committee On COVID-19 Vaccine Supply (JKJAV) to immediately decentralise the vaccination process and allow all the GPs who want to administer the vaccine to partake in this.

“It does not cost us much to equip each clinic with at least one batch of vaccines.

“I understand that some mega PPVs should be shut down as the demand has slowed, but it does not justify the discontinuation of the vaccination through the local GPs clinics. It is truly disappointing.

“The line of the people who require walk-in vaccination in the MBPJ Civic Hall has been snaking with lots of cars and people crowding the area. Bukit Gasing residents have raised their concerns over the issue and are afraid that this vaccination might cause an outbreak. This concern is very real especially when people are lining up to get in the first come first serve list from all over the Klang Valley.

“I have been calling to allow all GPs to administer vaccines, especially because they are closer to people and they do not have to travel far to receive their shots. Allowing 300 GPs to freely operate also means that the residents don’t have to queue for hours in order to obtain a shot,” he said.

The shut down of multiple PPVs in the Klang Valley has also raised a sense of urgency and rush. Allowing these GPs who are interested in operating consistently with a stable flow of vaccines, will reassure the residents that vaccines are available. This will not put them in risky situations when in huge crowds at a PPV, he said.

Decentralising the vaccination process also means that undocumented migrant workers will feel more safe walking into a clinic they already trust and go to for their medical needs. CITF has acknowledged that vaccinating migrant workers poses a challenge, however mobilising these private clinics instills a sense of confidence that will encourage them to get vaccinated.